Machine Inquiries

How do I start using my machine?
We believe in no mess, no fuss coffee so your beverages are made in a few simple steps: First, decide on your beverage.
One capsule beverages include: Lungo, Espresso, Nestea
Two capsule beverages include: Cappuccino, Vanilla Latte Macchiato, and Chococino® Refer to the capsule box for specific instructions as water bars per capsule will vary. Your beverage is best enjoyed by following the guidance on the capsule box.
*Make sure the machine is on and wait until the power button light glows green. Now you're ready for action:
1. POP in your favorite capsule into the capsule holder
2. LOCK the handle down
3. Move the custom control lever to the red setting (right) for hot beverages and the blue setting (left) for cold beverages.   The beverage then DROPs in your cup. When you're ready to stop the flow (each beverage comes with recommended dosing on its capsule carton):
1. Move the custom control lever back to center
2. Wait for the power button light to stop blinking
3. Lift up the handle
4. Dispose of your capsule
What does 15 bars of pressure mean?
15 bars of pressure refers to the barometric pressure that builds up inside every smart capsule. 15 bars is like being 500 ft underwater! This pressure is comparable to professional coffee house machines and much greater than most single serve coffee machines on the market.
 What does it mean to you? Fifteen bars of pressure means a frothy, coffee house experience on demand, in your home kitchen. It maximizes the flavor and aroma from the coffee. It's how you create the highest-quality coffee drinks for you and all your guests, in less than a minute.
How does the machine work?
The NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machine heats water, which is passed at high pressure through a capsule of high quality NESCAFÉ® roast and ground coffee into the cup. This 15 bar system uses pressure similar to coffee house machines. The coffee that is used in the capsules is made of premium 100% Arabica pure coffee beans. The high pressure and the capsules are designed to deliver an even distribution of water and pressure over the coffee to ensure that flavor is maximized. While traditional drip coffee machines operate at one bar of pressure (normal atmospheric pressure) and a number of other one-cup coffee machines operate at no more than two bars, the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® system can operate at 15 bars. Each capsule makes one beverage serving in under a minute.
Why doesn’t it stop automatically?
Everybody has a special way they like their beverages - More milk? More coffee? That's why NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® machines allow you to customize your beverage strength with a custom control lever. We put the power in your hands!